Quality Home Construction – Materials to Live By and Why They Matter

By: Don Hannig

In today’s shaky economy, “you’ve got to tighten up the belt wherever you can” is a popular mantra. Yet we’ve all felt the sting when something we thought was a great deal at the time turns out to be a bad investment a bit down the road. So let’s face it – cost-cutting when building homes is just a risky game. Envision your family’s dwelling place as an investment that needs, foremost, to endure for the long haul.

Dreams Gone Wrong

The average home builder’s nightmare begins when trying to evaluate the quality of construction while maintaining a tight or shrinking budget. The “bad dream” sensation swells with the realization that the home is constructed from thousands of pieces of materials – all items that can warp, contract, crack or tear. The worries mount because inside, everyone knows that a skilled craftsman may be able to make something cheap look good to the buyer – but will it stand the fabled test of time? Likely not.

The Keswick Pointe Solution

At Keswick Pointe, you are not the average home builder! Every one of our homes is constructed with consistent quality materials that will endure for a lifetime. We only utilize the best names in workmanship because we are fully invested in our clients’ long-term satisfaction. Here are some of our favorite tried-and-true manufacturers that you can count on, compliments of us, nightmare-free!

Anderson Low-E Windows.

Why Anderson? The Low-E glass works like sunblock to protect your home and furniture from ultraviolet light. They utilize natural wood to create beauty that is timeless and enduring – with a tough protective shell that will never need repainting. The Anderson Company is renowned for climate control and the potential of hearty savings on heating and cooling costs. And it is well known that Anderson Windows will add to the resale value of your home.

Trane Heating & Cooling Systems.

Consistent comfort a must have? That’s why we go with Trane from start to finish. A Trane matched HVAC system combines superior components that are made to work seamlessly together. This means the least in repair costs and the most in energy efficiency. The legendary Trane name can bring your family enhanced air quality – and a healthier lifestyle as a result.

Kohler Fixtures.

What says style, quality, and craftsmanship more than the Kohler name? Kohler fixtures consistently provide distinctive style, an array of choices, and uncompromising performance. These fixtures are utilized in every Keswick home, including a sleek Kohler whirlpool tub in your master bathroom. Enjoy the experience of powerful, directed massage jets as you unwind and revitalize after a hard day’s work.

CertainTeed Exterior Building Products.

Concerned about the durability of your new home’s exterior components? You absolutely should be! But worry not, because CertainTeed roofing and siding materials are world-renowned for superior quality and innovation in their building solutions. They come with a Lifetime warranty. And CertainTeed roofing products meet National Green Building Standards for environmental responsibility.

Trex Decking. Want the finest in Outdoor Living? Oh yeah! Trex is the industry leader in wood-alternative decking – with no splinters, no rot, no painting, and no fuss. It’s simply the best… and did you know that Trex materials are made from a unique combination of reclaimed wood and plastic? It’s environmentally friendly, manufactured by an outstanding “green” company!

Other outstanding names utilized in our homes’ construction include: Glen Gary Brick, Jeld Wen doors, Shaw T & G hardwood, Dal-Tile ceramic floors, and many more. All these manufacturers have this in common: superior quality and enduring craftsmanship. That’s why we have selected them for each of our homes, every time. No worries, no stress, no nightmares. Just enjoy the best in a new Keswick Pointe home!

To find out more about the benefits of energy efficiency and green building please call Keswick Point, the region’s newest PRD, at 570-646-4646, email us at info@keswickpointe.com or visit our website at keswickpointe.com.

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