Best Reason to Live In the Poconos: Grey Towers National Historic Landmark

By: Don Hannig

“The vast possibilities of our great future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future.”

~ Gifford Pinchot

Modern building philosophy has of late embarked upon a transformation – the turning away from the urban sprawl trends of the past to embrace the environment through green building, conservation, and the desire to leave as much of our natural surroundings possible intact for future generations to enjoy.

Gifford Pinchot, the first Chief of Forestry for our State and twice Governor of Pennsylvania, was a man whose ideas were well beyond his time. His views supported the idea that the conservation and the preservation of our state’s amazing natural resources was of upmost importance. And the exquisite beauty of the Pocono Mountains region and surrounding areas are testimony to that enduring philosophy.

According to the Grey Tower’s Historical Association:

“Grey Towers was built in 1886 by James and Mary Pinchot as a summer retreat. It was James who first recognized the reckless destruction of natural resources that was overtaking the nation in the 19th century. James encouraged his eldest son Gifford to consider a career in forestry, thus introducing the idea of conservation to America.”

If you decide to visit the Grey Towers National Historic Landmark in Milford, PA- (and we at Keswick Pointe feel that this is one of the BEST weekend outing opportunities available) – there are many wonderful things you will be able to experience:

• Take a guided tour of the first floor of the mansion and surrounding gardens

• Walk around the grounds and see the historic gardens

• Take a hike on the many nature trails on and around the property

• Attend a conservation education program or an “Off-the-Shelf” public program

• Visit the Grey Tower Library for theatrical readings and silent auctions

Visit the full calendar of events online to plan the best outing possible for your family. Touring the Grey Tower mansion and grounds is an interesting and unique way to learn about how one family shaped and influenced our conservation ideals and values, while experiencing what life might have been like in the early 20th century of Pennsylvania and the Pocono Mountain Region.

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