Best Reason To Live In The Poconos: Glen Onoko Falls

By: Don Hannig

If rugged climbs and breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls are something you think you would enjoy, then it is time to experience the Glen Onoko Falls Trail.  This amazing haven rich with lore and history is nestled right into the pristine Southern Pocono Mountains Region of Pennsylvania. The hike may leave you a little out of breath, but the reward of seeing exquisite vista after vista is well worth your effort. As you wind your way up among the dewy rocks flanked by verdant rhododendron, you will find one gorgeous waterfall after another.

Finally – you reach the zenith – and view the achingly lovely 75 foot waterfall where ancient lore says that Indian Princess Onoko threw herself from the top because she could not wed the brave she truly loved. Who can resist the lure of such a heart wrenching story? Be sure to pack drinks for the top!

According to the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, “The Falls are located deep in a hollow near the southern terminus of Lehigh Gorge State Park. However, they are part of the PA State Gamelands so they are not patrolled or maintained by the Park. As such, the Falls are potentially dangerous. You should respect the area and enter at your own risk.” Be especially careful if you visit the trail in the wintertime – because slippery ice is a likelihood, and there are usually a couple of injuries every year due to that fact. Boots, crampons, and an ice axe should be part of your gear.

The water remains a chilly 55 degrees even in summer. The resultant misty air and the sound of spilling water creates the illusion of being in another time and place. In several areas, there are even stone steps cut into the side of Broad Mountain. On a hot day, the river winds below, producing slow pools where it is easily accessible for a swim. Pack a picnic lunch and watch the crazy teenagers jump from the train trestle into the river below. Jim Thorpe is only a mile or two away, if you wish to stroll the quaint streets and visit the museums and little shops throughout the historic town as part of your outing.

There is also access to the Lehigh Gorge State Park,which is well noted for its wonderful biking trails that run along the Lehigh River. Bicycle rentals and shuttle service are available throughout the area.

Glen Onoko falls is a Pocono Mountain treasure that should not be missed! For instructions on where to park, and how to access the trail, visit the Website.

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