5 Excellent Reasons a Townhome May Be Perfect for You

By: Don Hannig

In the past, the concept of purchasing a townhouse was something that single folks, or first time home owners struggling with their finances, opted to do. Modern building techniques and the desire for a low maintenance property with all the high-tech luxuries afforded by a single dwelling have put that old stigma to rest. Purchasing a new townhome might be the smartest financial investment you’ve ever made. And yet, you have to wonder – what would you have to sacrifice?

Extra work. Yep, that’s about it. Today’s townhomes are the epitome of luxury, space, and convenience without the hard work of maintenance. Let’s take a look at some other advantages:

1. You don’t need to sacrifice space. For the same amount of square footage, you can get far more bang for your buck when you buy a townhouse. In fact, new townhouses can offer you MORE space than a comparably priced single family dwelling. Today’s floor plans are carefully orchestrated to create efficiency of space, and yet, convey a feeling of openness and size. Townhome builders now ingeniously design compact stairways and efficient hallways to give you the most square footage of “living space” possible.

2. Community amenities. If you opt to purchase a townhome within a homeowners association or planned residential development , you will have the benefit of being part of a “large neighborhood” as well as access to community recreation areas. If you are sacrificing the space of a large yard, this may be more than made up for through the outdoor amenities in your development.

3. Future rental/investment potential. With mortgage prices at a near historical low, investment in property can be a sound financial choice. If you decide to move on down the road, a townhouse can be a positive stepping stone. Potential tenants are usually more open to renting a townhouse with a homeowner’s association in place because it creates a near no maintenance environment for them whereas renting a single family home still comes with the responsibilities of ownership. Remember to keep in mind this future resale value when choosing a design plan. A one bedroom, two bath single-family home with a huge greatroom and kitchen may be perfect for you right now, but may be harder to sell down the road. When you buy a townhouse, it would be far better to have an additional bedroom or two sit empty (or use as an office, exercise room or even storage) than to not have it at all.

4. Energy efficiency. When the cold winds blow or the sweltering heat of mid-summer is blistering, modern townhomes are epitome of energy efficiency. Sharing wallspace with your neighbor can save you some significant bucks in heating/cooling costs. Newer townhomes are also built with green concept and superior quality materials than a comparably priced single dwelling that is 15 years older!

5. Better security. Because neighbors are quite close by, it’s more difficult for a burglar to break into your townhome unnoticed. The proximity of townhomes brings neighbors together to protect each other and also to be available for other non-emergency situations.

So, is a townhome the very best option for you – right now? Many families consider a townhome as a great first option, but move on to a larger single family residence down the road. However, the luxurious feel of a new townhome may have you never wanting to leave again.

It can be an excellent first time investment – and in this economical climate, townhomes are often priced to sell. Make sure you compare all your options to ensure that you make the right decision! There are certainly pros and cons to both types of dwellings. But if you do choose a sleek, modern, and efficient townhome, you are not likely to be disappointed!

 To find out more about the benefits of energy efficiency and green building please call Keswick Point, the region’s newest PRD, at 570-646-4646, email us at info@keswickpointe.com or visit our website at keswickpointe.com.

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