Best Reasons To Live In the Pocono Mountains – The Tannersville Cranberry Bog: Ecosystem Exploration

By: Don Hannig

How would you like to wander through a fascinating National Natural Landmark on top of a floating boardwalk – right here in the middle of the Pocono Mountains? The Tannersville Cranberry Bog would be a truly unique outdoor experience, and a geological snapshot of a colder bygone era – The Ice Age.

Thousands of years ago, a frigid glacial lake covered the entire area. Slowly over the millennium, due to restricted air and nutrient flow, sphagnum moss grew out into the lake as the waters retreated, forming a layer of peat over 40 feet thick. So don’t step off the boardwalk – you could sink to your knees or deeper in the thick gooey peat! But be sure to look carefully around you to see such fascinating creatures as bog turtles, warblers, owls, foxes, coyotes, and even some endangered species – such as the bog copper butterfly!

The Monroe County Conservation District schedules weekly walks with an expert guide to point out the features and history of this amazing natural resource. Known as “The Cranberry” to nearby residents, visiting the Tannersville Cranberry Bog has become traditionamong school students, educators, scientists, nature lovers, and photographers who returnevery year. If you look closely, you might even find some of North America’s most beautiful native orchids, including rose pogonia and the state-endangered heart-leaved twayblade.  Other trails in the upland woods adjacent to the bog are open to the public without special scheduling so bring your hiking shoes and a backpack – remember green exercise is the best for kids

The Cranberry Bog includes over 900 acres of land permanently preserved by The Nature Conservancy, through community support, and a joint effort with Pocono Township. Remember that once it is destroyed by the encroachment of development or groundwater depletion, the Tannersville Cranberry Bog could never again be recovered – it took over two thousand years to create! So come out and show your support and appreciation, and explore a truly unique ecosystem right within the heart of our beloved Pocono Mountains. Plan your visit today!

To find out more about the Pocono Mountains, please call us at 570-646-4646, email us at or visit our website at

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