Best Reason to Live in the Pocono Mountains: Water Sports for You at Lake Wallenpaupack

By Don Hannig

There is no getting through a long hot summer without water! We humans love it –after all, we build our homes, plan our vacations, and schedule weekend jaunts just to be near it, so why fight the urge you are having right now? Get your thinking cap on, and your clicking finger ready because it’s time to research your next getaway! May I suggest Lake Wallenpaupack?

If you live in the Pocono Mountains, visiting Lake Wallenpaupack this summer is a no-brainer. Located in Pike County – the heart of the Poconos Lake Region – Lake Wallenpaupack has something for everyone, and it’s no cliché sales pitch! You are guaranteed to like one, if not many, of the features this magnificent lake has to offer.

Wallenpaupack History

Lake Wallenpaupack is a man-made lake constructed in 1927 by PP&L Corporation for the purpose of hydroelectric power. This massive lake is the 3rd largest located within the state of Pennsylvania, and encompasses 5,700 acres of water and is 13 1/2 miles in length. It has long been a vacation destination, but also is home to thousands of residential lakefront properties surrounding the 52 miles of shoreline. Click here to view some video footage of the lake and its surrounding attractions.

Reasons to Visit

1. World Class Fishing. Rent a boat or fish from the PP&L Dike with super-scenic views — and several world record fish have been caught on Wallenpaupack!

2. Beach Area. With restroom facilities!! Hooray! Forget the public swimming pool, enjoy the fresh clean water of this sparkling fresh-water system.

3. White-water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. Name your pleasure and get paddling. There are rentals everywhere, and so many quiet nooks and corners of this lake to explore.

4. Water parks and amusement parks. If you get tired of the lake (not likely) you can venture just a few miles away for some extra-thrilling family fun!

5. Camping and hiking. Visit the camp grounds and recreations areas for some good old fashioned outdoor time and bust out the s’mores.

6. Resort Accommodations and Restaurants. Hey, camping is not for everyone! A couples weekend or honeymoon just might be in your future.

Have you clicked yet? Well get on it, and take advantage of this gem in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. It’s one more reason to love where you live like no place else.

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