The Benefits of High Quality Building Standards That Embrace Aesthetic Consistency

By: Don Hannig

The true beauty of Mother Nature has a blueprint behind it. When you gaze across a breathtaking landscape, it is not merely an unorganized jumble of sticks, leaves, and raw material. Consider a majestic forest or an undulating prairie of sweet grass – and you will realize they are composed of a smooth blend of lines and sloping planes, crafted with a flux of rich color much like a painter’s palette. There is a sense of order to natural beauty, of forethought in design, as if it was put together by a masterful hand.

As we begin to develop this incredible blueprint, it is important that we compliment this gift from Mother Nature with high quality building standards that embrace aesthetic consistency. At the forefront of innovative construction are residential developers who strive to embrace the natural environment by using the finest building materials the industry has to offer and by optimizing the orientation and layout of a development to preserve natural topography and integral open spaces. The benefit? A Planned Residential Development (PRD) blended with the forested privacy and natural beauty of the region.

Quality craftsmanship is another key element of aesthetic appeal. A successful relationship with only the most reputable of suppliers is the keystone of top-notch design standards. The use of only such premier names as Andersen Low-E Windows, Certaineed roofing and siding, and Glen-Gary brick, to name a few, will ensure that the value of your home is enhanced. The same consistency should be found in other elements of your residence as well, such as interior components, mechanical systems, site work, hardscape, and landscape.

Neighborhood Covenants can also be utilized to increase the aesthetic appeal of a residential development. Such covenants will reach beyond the traditional municipal and state planning codes to include an exacting standard of architectural style, quality material, color and texture to enhance a community. Attentive detail to the care and maintenance of open space, roads, facilities, and the overall impact on other surrounding homes all serve to intensify the aesthetic impact. A community must work together to achieve this ideal!

When you view a completed Planned Residential Development with true aesthetic appeal, the results of this forethought in planning and design will strike you immediately. Excellence and consistency in craftsmanship will create a sense of beauty, and the vision of an enduring quality of life. We are taught as youngsters not to “mess” with Mother Nature’s blueprint, and to live in harmony with our earth. But like a master painter, we can put pen to paper and design an aesthetic community that meets the standards of Pocono Mountains Living.

To find out more about the benefits of high quality building standards and Planned Residential Developments (PRD’s) like Keswick Pointe, the region’s newest PRD, please call us at 570-646-4646, email us at or visit our website at


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