Best Reason to Live in the Pocono Mountains – So Close to Nature, But Not Far From City Lights!

By: Don Hannig

Living in the Pocono Mountains can be the realization of a life-long dream.  Or perhaps it is a new goal, taking shape with the acquisition of an exciting job position or the birth of a child.  Whatever the reason, you may wonder – can I truly have the best of both worlds?  By opting to live the Pocono Mountains, the answer is yes!

No matter where one resides within New York City, the daily commute is bound to be a snarl of traffic congestion, or long subway lines and rides.  The quiet and simple beauty of the Pocono Mountains is, in the bigger picture, only a bit more drive time away.  The scenery alone as you roll deeper into the exquisite countryside will allow you to relax and gather yourself mentally, giving you space to contemplate your upcoming day or evening.  And sitting on your deck at night after a long hard day, far away from the bustle of the city, you will find that the stars are utterly amazing.

Make sure to take advantage of the region’s incredible summer and fall festival line-ups, including fireworks, rodeos, chili cook-offs, music-fests, autumn timber celebrations and more.  Check them out on The Pocono Where to Book, where you will find insight on a variety of family fun and adventure, from canoeing and fishing to parks and wildlife sanctuaries.  There are over 150 lakes in the Pocono Mountains region alone for your enjoyment!  The Monroe County Conservation District is also an invaluable resource, providing articles, seminars, and an Environmental Education Center to help you get the very best out of Pocono Mountains Living.  You can even take a course on how to convert your own backyard into a haven for wildlife!

A quality standard of living with safer neighborhoods and better schools for your children are the basis for why Pocono Mountains living may be better for you.  Yet access to the City’s culture, arts, and nightlife is still within arm’s reach.  Your family can experience all of New York’s incredible museums, galleries, and Broadway features and in less than 2 hours be home to sleep in the quiet safety of a rural community.  The city lights are only a short drive away.  But it is your choice alone when it is time to turn them off and enjoy living in the Pocono Mountains!

To find out more about the Pocono Mountains, please call us at 570-646-4646, email us at or visit our website at

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