Spread Eagle Development Corp. – A Spotlight On The Area’s Most Respected Builder

A new home is only as good as its builder’s reputation.  Experience, proficiency, and attention to detail can mean the difference in achieving the life-long dream of a quality home in an upscale environment.  Spread Eagle Development Corp. has been at the forefront of residential and commercial building since 1989, and is synonymous with the hard-working ideals of an accomplished family business. Their commitment to excellence in design and construction has been recognized through many prestigious industry awards, including a two-time Builder-of-the Year designation by the Pocono Builder’s Association.

The origin of Spread Eagle Development Corp. is traced to the Hannig Family, and their motivation to succeed at the forefront of home design, land-use planning, and client satisfaction.  Company Founder and President Chuck Hannig, along with his two sons Donald and Patrick, can tout over 90 years of combined experience in this very arena with cutting-edge results.  The Hannig family has produced numerous successful residential developments and high visibility commercial projects over the past twenty plus years that are renowned for outstanding design and aesthetic appeal.  A Spread Eagle Development Corp. home increases the long term value as you benefit from the family’s history of expertise as well as today’s modern ideal in home construction and green planning.  The Hannig family and their team of expert associates will assist you from the point of an initial dream to the final product of your unique home for life.

Keswick Pointe, a Planned Residential Development (PRD), is one of Spread Eagle Development Corp.’s most recent successes at the leading edge of construction and design.  A PRD will utilize best land-use practices, efficiency in energy and water resource management, and the integration of open space within a neighborhood.  Following a stringent set of governmental guidelines, a PRD will incorporate into its master plan such factors as watershed protection, safety, ease of emergency services, road design, aesthetic landscaping, outdoor recreation, and the preservation of natural resources.  It is an accolade that very few residential developments can claim.  A PRD is more than a development of homes with a central theme.  It is the creation of a community that incorporates modern technology and efficiency while sustaining the integrity of the area’s surrounding beauty and features.

Building a “green” neighborhood is a goal of Spread Eagle Development Corp., and entails the construction of healthier communities through a variety of efficient planning skills.  Going green does not have to mean a high cost for the homeowner, but simply entails the level of proficient planning and the utilization of available resources that Spread Eagle Development Corp. is known for.  Energy efficiency in all aspects of the home will actually work to save the owner money in long run, and in the process contribute to a healthy community and environment.  Keswick Pointe also utilizes a design feature called Neighborhood Covenants.  These covenants function to protect the exterior integrity of your home and neighborhood by increasing the value of your assets without undue restriction.

Leadership, growth, and success are akin to years of experience and the capability of the Hannig Family name.  As the area’s most respected builder, Spread Eagle Development Corp. will bring you the finest in home and community construction with a cutting-edge, signature design.

To find out more about the benefits of Planned Residential Developments (PRD’s) like Keswick Pointe, the region’s newest PRD, please call us at 570-646-4646, email us at info@keswickpointe.com or visit our website at www.keswickpointe.com

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